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  Renewals on 123notary
Renew your listing. Choose a new placement for your listing if you want to upgrade or economize your listing. Email if you are not sure which option to choose!

Renewal for P#13 -20 SKU: 22-293
Renewal for listings whose primary county / area has a p#13 or higher. Just order as many units of $1 each as fulfills the price requirements for your home area. Also, please enter the p# you are ordering for the coming year ( would be higher than what you have now if you are upgrading ). Please make sure the p# is available if you are upgrading. If you are renewing your current p# then it would already be occupied by you and hence reserved for you and there would be no need to research it's availability. Please purchase additional areas on the additional counties form SEPARATELY so our records are more meticulous. Notaries are required to pass our notary competency quiz with a 70%. We will call or email them about this once signed up.
Price: $1.00

Renewal for P#10 or P#11 on 123notary SKU: 22-229
Make sure your P# is 10 to use this form. Or you can upgrade to a 10 if you want and use this form. You get only 3 counties outside of CA or 2 areas in CA this year with a 10 rating. Notaries are required to pass our basic notary competency quiz with a 70% as well.
Price: $99.00

Renewal for P#8 or P#9 - Regular listing. SKU: 22-227
Please make sure you want a P# of 8 with your renewal. You can upgrade or economize to an 8 if your listing is not already. Notaries will be required to pass a basic notary competency quiz with a 70%. Study materials are complimentary and quizzes are by phone.
Price: $69.00

Economy P#7 renewal SKU: 22-232
If the price of a regular listing is too high, you can downgrade to an economy listing which will show up lower on the list than a regular listing. Notaries must pass our basic notary competency quiz with a 70%. This is administered by phone and we offer complimentary study materials on teh blog.
Price: $39.00

Partial payment SKU: 22-305
Please specify on the notes section the dates you are paying for. If you pay for a few months now, your next payment is subject to the rates published at the time of your next payment and not based on what they are now.
Price: $1.00

GA & MA Renewal SKU: 22-321
We have a $200 minimum for new listings and renewals in various Attorney states. We will not accept payments of less than $200 in GA and MA for renewals. We will include MANY additional counties at good placements for this fee.
Price: $200.00

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