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  123Notary Listing
NEW listings NOT renewals. If you are renewing, please visit the renewal section. There is a link on the lower left of the home page for renewals. Listings on To purchase additional areas, please scroll down to the bottom of this section.

1 year listing - P#13 - P#20 SKU: 5-294
Signup for new listings with p#13 to 20. Please check for price and availability of areas. This item is set for $1 per unit. If the price is $480, then please order 480 units of this product. If the price is $300, then order 300 units of this item and then click "buy". The top spot is a p#20, second place is p#19, etc. Thanks.
Price: $1.00

Signup special SKU: 5-231
Listing with regular placement ( P# of 8 ).
Price: $59.00

1 year listing + preferential SKU: 5-129
Get your first year's listing on with preferential placement of a "10" rating. If you are renewing and choose this option you would get the seniority of a new signup.
Price: $99.00

    Created by EMA
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