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Introduction & getting started -
We can very easily create ebooks for clients upon request. The process is very simple and only takes 7-15 days usually. All we need is detailed instructions of where page breaks will be and a word file(s) for the content of the ebook.

I started this site to facilitate the use of his ebooks that I wrote for my own customers. But now the site is offering services to anyone interested in getting their book published on ebook.

Traditional ebooks vs. members only area online ebooks.
We have a new ebook system in use that is 99% trouble free. It is a members only area that is password protected with limited amounts of logins allowed to discourage the sharing of passwords. Sometimes there are minor easy to fix bugs which our programmers take care of quickly.

Problems with the traditional downloadable system ( we're no longer using this for new ebooks ). I started out with a more traditional style of ebooks which are downloadable. I chose that system because they are registered to one user and can not be shared. Also, they are not printable and thus secure. We experienced several types of problems though.

  1. Many people did not receive their downloading instructions because of a problem on their end, or because our system was not functioning due to a server error.
  2. Also, many people had trouble downloading the ebooks due to their lack of experience with computers or to server related errors.
  3. The last type of problem we experienced was that many people had computer crashes or downloaded it to their work computer instead of their home computer and needed a new book.

The new system. Our new ebook system only has an occassional technical problem which can be quickly fixed. I like it a lot and since we have been using it, sales for ebooks have doubled!!! Here are some points about our new online system.

  1. The ebooks "live" online and do not need to be downloaded which solves 50% of the potential problems on that point alone.
  2. The ebook passwords can be manually given to customers which eliminates any danger of them not getting their "password emails". If you send it by email and they don't get it, you can phone them with the password.
  3. Since the ebooks live online, they can be viewed by any computer anywhere in the world.
  4. We use a security feature that limits the number of logins with a particular password to reduce or eliminate "sharing" of passwords. If they share they will run out of logins and not be able to use the book themselves.

Prices for ebooks start at $199. That is for the base system and having it hooked up to our site that handles passwords. The base price only covers an ebook based on a five page physical book that is programmed to be all on one page.

The following prices are estimates and not final prices. Please contact us with detailed instructions for a final binding price.

Base price - $199 covers formatting for five pages of physical text.
Additional pages - $50 covers two hyperlinks per page.
Additional hyperlinks - $7 per link.
Formatting - $5 - $10 per page in the physical version.
Other prices - $2 per password

Upgrading or modifying your ebook.
You can upgrade whenever you like. The price's for upgrading are -
$15 base price per request - covers changing up to twenty words.
$15 for each tenth of an hour ( not applicable for 19 or fewer changed words )

Major changes requiring more than two hours can be billed at $95 per hour and can be handled with direct communication with the programmers. Customers must prepay for however many hours they need.

Equizzes can easily be created on www.123ecourses.com. My site 123notary.com has an equiz which is given several times per day on www.123ecourses.com.

  1. The quizzes can have 15 questions. We could make it longer upon request too. The 15 questions come from a pool of 60 questions so that if someone retakes the test, there will be mostly different questions.
  2. Questions can be multiple choice or short answer.
  3. Security from cheaters on tests. The quizzes are timed. If a quiz taker does not finish in time, then the questions they did not answer will come out blank. There is a little clock in the testing area to let people know how much time they have left.
  4. Grading quizzes. The teacher or test provider will receive an email upon completion of the test. It takes about a minute or two to correct the test by hand. We don't have automated grading. We could have it programmed in, but that would be time consuming and very expensive and only worth while if the test is to be given to 2000 or more people.

Pricing for equizzes - Equizzes can be programmed for $800.

Jeremy Belmont - 323-933-5383. Afternons and evenings are the best times to call. Its better to send an email than leave a message for faster results.
jeremybelmont2004@yahoo.com. I answer my emails many times per day.

Payment for new ebooks can only be done by check.
Payment for aditional passwords can be done by credit card.

Checks can be made payable to 123notary and sent to
Jeremy Belmont
5850 W 3rd st unit E#365
Los Angeles, CA 90036.

More about us.
Jeremy is the owner of www.123notary.com, www.123epayment.com, www.becomeanotary.us, and www.123ecourses.com. Please visit those sites to see what other projects Jeremy is working on. You can see our notary ebooks advertised on the loan signing course page of www.123notary.com.

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